Handmade Paper Print

Handmade Paper Print


30 CM in Diametre

This incredible piece of art is your image printed on carefully handmade paper. The paper is delicately made in the lab and then carefully printed on. It’s a beautiful and unique print that is one of a kind and as far as we know, no one is printing images like this in Australia.

What do you do with the print?
Simply prop it on your mantle piece, frame it yourself or hang it on your wall.

*Please Note: This print does not have a wire on the underside to hang it on the wall. You could use a 3M Velcro sticker if you wanted to hang it yourself?

Because of the handmade nature of these prints they are all one of a kind and not every one is the same. You will get a slight imperfect wave in the finish (meaning it is not completely flush) but I think it adds to charm and when most people see these prints their breath is slightly taken away.

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