Mentor Session Questionnaire

Please answer the questions below!

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Are you a professional Photographer?
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Which Option Best describes you?
What is your postal address?
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Do you have your own website?
Tell me about yourself, don't hold back!
What has made you want to get help from me?
What camera and lenses do you currently shoot with?
How long have you been photographing for?
Question 9.
Do you edit your images on the computer yet? If so what program/s do you use?
Question 10.
Do you use/own a...
SHOOT 1: Morning in home demo shoot
Could you please indicate the age group you would like to see me photograph most. You can pick more than one option if you are open to more than one scenario. Please note that you are not guaranteed this exact request but I will try my best to facilitate your preference.
SHOOT 2: Evening on location demo shoot
(This question is just for those doing 2 demo shoots) Can you tell me what sort of area/look most interests you to shoot in? I can't guarantee the location we will shoot at but if I can, I will try my best to facilitate your request.
How are you going with image editing?
Do you currently use Presets with your image editing?
What do you like photographing the most?
Are you having any photography or business related struggles? What are they?
Are you interested in a website or portfolio review? If so which one?
Website: I go through your website and give you feedback. Portfolio: I ask you to choose 15 images that you have recently taken. I look at them, critique them with you and give you feedback. *Please don't be scared, I'm gently but honest*
Is there anything else you would like to tell me? I'm all ears!
Question 19. *
Food: Are you any of the following?
If you have any other dietary requirements then please let me know here...
How do you like your coffee (or tea)?
How did you hear about me?

Thanks for sticking with me! There is just one more Goal Setting questionnaire to be completed. I will email you this soon!