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My tender family photography makes memories for Mama's so they don't forget

About Me


Family + Newborn Lifestyle Photographer. MAmma Bear. Tea addict.

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Hey there Mama!
I’m Amy and I’m so glad you’re here…


I like taking pretty photos and I adore my job but let's be real, my life is beautifully messy and a far cry from my pretty Instagram feed! I do laugh (a lot) and mainly at my crazy three year old who's either terrorising the cat or being that ‘cartoon character kid’ -drawing on walls, flooding the shower or playing with knives. I ugly cry often at ads on TV (I blame sleep deprivation) and I usually have washing oozing from the laundry.  Does that make you feel more at ease? I hope so. 

Here is what I know… I love my husband Nathan, my beautiful little girls, Evie + Anna and documenting life in all its mess and beauty. I love being a Mum, it's amazing. I find it crazy hard and also crazy beautiful. I've been a photographer for the last 9 years and I can't believe I get to do this for a 'job'. I love pretty things. I love baby wearing. Colours make me smile inside. I find marriage beautiful and also really hard, mainly because I desire to put myself before my husband. I drink coffee but I prefer a cup of tea. I have a Thermomix and I wish I used it more (am I allowed to say that? lol). I love black and white images, they make my heart smile. I co-sleep with my babies. I wish I painted and if I did I'd paint endless bouquets of flowers like Lulie Wallace. Since having babies I often struggle with my weight. Photos are my love language. I love vacuuming. I actually love Melbourne weather. I think my girls are hilarious. And cheeky. Very cheeky. Autumn always catches me off guard and I wish it lasted longer.  

When it comes to photography, I adore it. It's how I love to communicate. I’m so thankful for the beautiful people I’ve been able to meet and the incredibly special moments I’ve been able to be a part of with my camera in hand. I can’t imagine it getting any better than this.

Maybe we can have a cup of tea together?

Amy x

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