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My tender family photography makes memories for Mama's so they don't forget

Mentoring for Photographers 

I offer a very limited number of mentor sessions throughout the year. Any skill level is welcomed, I’d love to get beside you, meet you where you are at and share my skills and knowledge.

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Three Options


#1 FULL DAY MENTORINg: Shoot, CULL, EDIT, DEBRIEF, questions + One Follow Up SKype CHAT

This is for photographers who want to see my process from start to finish. We will have a real family or newborn shoot in the morning, lunch together, cull the shoot together, edit a handful of images together and then have time for debrief and questions. We start at 9 AM and finish around 5 PM. One month later we will schedule a one hour Skype chat to check in, see how you are going and answer any questions that have arisen since our mentor session. No secrets, all your questions answered in one-on-one time tailored completely to you.

Individually (just you and me)


Two people (You, me and a friend)

$1500 per person

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These clarity calls are for photographers wanting to pick my brain, ask anything photography/business related, a possible portfolio critique and even editing help where we can share screens. I hope that after our call you will be able to gain some clarity and direction on your next steps as a photographer and/or business owner. The call is made via Skype, Zoom or a phone call (whatever you prefer) and lasts for 1.5 hours.

AUD $350



Same as the Mentoring Clarity call on this page, except X3! Space your calls out however you would like. Implement things we talk about and then check back in when your ready. This bundle is great if you are wanting follow up and feedback on different areas, either photography or business. It gives space for you to think about questions in the in between times and practically implement things we talk about or even request an ongoing portfolio review.

AUD $900 (save $150)



Your questions answered below

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Full Day Mentoring Session FAQ

Do you offer a half day in person mentoring sessions instead of a full days?

Unfortunately no! And anyway, that would be way to quick! I feel like having a full day with you is the best way to teach and help you.

Where do your full day mentoring sessions take place?

The first half of the day will be spent photographing a family/newborn in Melbourne somewhere, usually within 30 KM of Melbourne CBD. I will then shout you lunch and we will head back to my home in Blackburn, Vic and continue our session. Our time together will finish at around 5 PM.

Will you find out much about me before my full day session?

Absolutely! I will get you to fill in a comprhensive questionnaire before our meeting to find out what you hope to acheive from our time together.

What editing software do I need to have access to in order to get the most out of our time together?

I use Lightroom to edit all my photos. I do not use Photoshop for editing at all so I will not be opening PS with you (Lightroom is so much quicker and easier!).

What skill level do I need to be at in order to book a full day session with you?

All skill levels welcome however, I think a basic understanding of your camera and shooting in at least AV mode is required. I can definitely help you learn how to shoot in full manual mode but you will probably get the most out of our time if you do have a basic understanding before you book one of these sessions.

Are you willing to travel to me for a mentoring session?

Yes! Absolutely. If interstate, I just need my airfare, car hire and one nights accommodation paid for plus the session fee.

Mentoring Clarity Call FAQ

How long do the calls last for?

1.5 hours.

When do these calls take place?

I have a limited number of daytime and evening sessions available each month. You can choose a date and time from my calendar here.

When do I pay for my Mentoring Clarity Call?

When you book in. Full payment is to be made at the time of your booking.

Will you find out much about me before my call?

Sure will! I will get you to fill in a comprehensive questionnaire before our meeting to find out where you are at and what you hope to acheive from our time together.

Who can book a mentoring clarity call?

Anyone! I mean, anyone with a keen interest in photography or photography business who thinks I might be able to help them!

Are Mentoring Clarity Calls available all year round?

No, not really. I have a limited number of calls available from Feb - Nov and only in 2019.

Can I reschedule my call if I suddenly become unavailable?

Yes you can but calls must be rescheduled within 14 days of the original booking date.