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My tender family photography makes memories for Mama's so they don't forget

 The days are long but the years go quickly. My tender family photography helps you remember your little people so you don’t forget.

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I see you, Mama!

I know you are tired. I know you struggle with your weight. I know that the last few years have changed you completely and I also know that your heart is possibly the fullest it’s ever been. The journey to motherhood has been a little difficult. Maybe a lot difficult. Maybe it’s brand new. Beautiful and brutal all at the same time.

I know all this because I am a Mama too. I haven’t slept in years. I keep putting off having my own family photos taken because I’m not really happy with my own weight. I forget things all the time and I usually have my babies bodily fluids spread across me somewhere. Oh the joy! But, my heart is full. So full.

Don’t let these things that make you a Mama stop you from documenting this fleeting time. Your babies don’t care what you look like and your partner probably loves you more for carrying them (even with your new stretch marks and extra love handles). Don’t worry that your family doesn’t look ‘instagram worthy’ (we all think it, even if we don’t say it). The love you feel for your children is so much bigger than Instagram, what others think and the unknown of what you will wear on your photoshoot day. It deserves to be captured!

Let me document your love. Let me show you the way you love your children through my photography stretch marks, new bodies and all. You don’t have to prove yourself or look a certain way in order for me to want to capture you. So let’s do it! Let’s make some magic! Let me help you remember these golden days!

Amy x


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Smile! You HAVE just booked in your family photo shoot with Amy Oliver!

“You don’t need to loose weight or buy a new wardrobe in order to book a session. When you are 80 years old you won’t be thinking about those extra kilos you wanted gone, you’ll be crying over photos from these incredibly fleeting golden days.”


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“Amy is truly talented and brings real emotion into every shot. Her images are raw, real and natural. I literally shed a tear looking through her photos! I look forward to having Amy capture our future family milestones as her pictures really do tell a thousand words!"




Magic! Oh the tears every time we view our photos. They will be loved and cherished forever. 'Thank you' just doesn't cut it!

Jess - Yarraville, VIC

"They are currently making my heart explode! Thank you so much, we love them!"

Kate - Seattle, WA 

"OMG! These are the best thing I’ve ever seen! Sobbing."

Elsa - Eltham, VIC



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Session and 20 digital images included




Session and ALL digital images included

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Two Sessions and ALL digital images included

$200 deposit required when booking in.
Remaining amount due 7 days before your shoot.
Your finished images in your inbox within 30 days of your photoshoot!


 Your babies grow older every day, let me help you remember them as you see them right now!

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